Plastic Surgery Garments

Compression Management Services, Inc. offers a variety of Jobst® Plastic Surgery Products to help reduce post-operative edema and to help with the healing process. Not only do these products help to reduce edema, they also hold dressings in place, provide comfort to the patient, and help maximize the results of the procedure. Jobst® provides a generous assortment of products related to numerous surgical procedures such as abdominal binders, facioplasty elastic supports, surgical vests, and plastic surgery girdles.

JOBST® Crow™ Abdominal Binder

Jobst® Crow™ Abdominal Binder offers support for weakened and stretched muscles that are the result of surgery or childbirth. The Crow Abdominal Binder, which has an adjustable front closure, comes in four sizes that provide a contoured fit for maximum support and comfort.

JOBST® Facioplasty and Epstein™ Facioplasty Supports

The Jobst® line of Facioplasty supports are designed to offer support to patients who have recently had facial surgery. These supports limit post-operative edema and hold dressings in place without the use of surgical tape, making them ideal for a patient to utilize while unassisted.

The Facioplasty Elastic Support is available in three sizes while the Epstein™ Facioplasty Support comes in a convenient one size fits all.

  • Provide even pressure following facial surgery to aid in controlling swelling
  • Hold dressings or moist compresses in place without tape
  • Adjustable Velcro® closures
  • Easy for patient to put on
  • JOBST® Facioplasty can be slit to expose patient’s ears

JOBST® Plastic Surgery Girdles

Plastic Surgery Girdles provide pressure to the surgical site which effectively reduces post-operative swelling. The girdle is able to be easily put on while unassisted and is made from an open-weave fabric which keeps the patient cool and dry. The Jobst® Plastic Surgery Girdle comes in a variety of sizes and styles for both men and women.

JOBST® Surgical Vest

Jobst® Surgical Vests are designed to reduce complications following breast surgeries. These vests are cool and comfortable to wear which helps increase patient compliance during the recovery time. The Jobst® Surgical Vest offers Velcro® hook closures and a nylon zipper, which makes putting the garment on easy and comfortable.

Features & Benefits

  • Latex free
  • Helps manage post-operative edema
  • Minimizes hematoma formation
  • Reduces the need for surgical dressings
  • Allows easy examination of the surgical site
  • Supports breast and chest tissue after surgery
  • Helps to reduce tension on surgical site
  • Holds surgical implants in place
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Available with or without cups

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