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Compression Management Services, Inc./The Lymphedema Centers serves as a resource to patients, physicians and therapists who seek effective products to manage any diagnosis related to swelling or burn related injuries.

As a specialized medical equipment company for this particular patient population, CMS seeks to provide these products on a patient-by-patient basis, realizing that each individual’s needs are different.

If you are a physician or therapist who sees patients who are suffering from swelling or burns, please refer them to the nearest CMS office location. CMS will educate the patient and communicate with you, the physician, to determine the products that will best suit your patient. CMS will also send you before and after photographs to document the progress your patient has made.

Compression Management Services can assist you and your patient by obtaining necessary products through the patient’s insurance plan and eliminating as much out-of-pocket expense to the patient as possible. CMS appreciates your confidence in our ability to assist you with these patients and looks forward to our continued relationship.

Most common diagnoses by a physician seen at Compression Management Services, Inc.

  1. Lymphedema
  2. Burn(s) 
  3. Venous Insufficiency
  4. Chronic Lower Extremity Ulcers
  5. Venous Stasis Ulcers
  6. Post-mastectomy Lymphedema
  7. Chronic/Hereditary Edema of the legs
  8. Varicose Veins

CMS is not limited to providing products for these diagnoses only. We are here to serve all of your patients who suffer from burns, swelling, or venous complications.

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Lympha Press®
View the different treatment cycles with our interactive demo.

We are pleased to offer this superior line of orthopedic, sports medicine, and arthritis products to compliment our line of compression products.

Call one of our representatives at a location near you for more information.

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