Why Gradient Compression Garments

Gradient compression is a highly effective, clinically proven method of reducing swelling caused by various venous disorders. Gradient compression improves the return flow of venous and lymph fluid. This prevents the pooling of fluid in the venous system, lymph system, or interstitial spaces.

For venous insufficiency:

  • Increase the tissue pressure underneath the stocking.  This helps balance the flow of fluid across the capillaries of the limb resulting in reduced swelling.
  • Reduce the volume of blood in the veins to speed venous blood flow and thereby reduce  congestion and backward flow.
  • Help counter the effects of venous hypertension.


  • Help to maintain the reduced volume and shape of the limb after decongestion is achieved
  • Custom garments provide a precise gradient compression throughout the limb

We are pleased to offer this superior line of orthopedic, sports medicine, and arthritis products to compliment our line of compression products.

Call one of our representatives at a location near you for more information.

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