Custom Compression Garments

Custom Compression Garments provide the ultimate in compression therapy for the long term management of vascular and lymphatic conditions. A custom made garment is measured and properly fitted to the exact contour of your affected limb and provides accurate and consistent gradient compression. These custom garments, worn daily, along with continued use of the sequential compression device will help prevent further fluid accumulation and will help provide positive results.

Compression Management Services, Inc./The Lymphedema Centers uses their expertise and experience in choosing the most accurate and effective fabric for each patient to help manage their swelling. Because of the precise measuring system that is required, a custom compression garment helps to inhibit further fluid accumulation and helps to assure therapeutic results are achieved by compression.

Custom garments provide controlled gradient compression for the effective long-term management of swelling. With the right products, good timing, and helpful teaching, you can expect dramatic results improving your immediate condition, quality of life and ability for long-term independent care.

Elvarex® Upper & Lower Extremity

JOBST® Elvarex® helps maintain the reduced volume and shape of the limb. These garments help to inhibit further fluid accumulation and help to assure therapeutic results achieved by compression. Elvarex®compression garments are indicated when decongestion is achieved so the garment helps prevent an increase in the extremity dimensions.

Custom Elvarex are:

  • Available in Knee High, Thigh High, Pantyhose, Chaps, Foot Cap, Sleeve, Glove, Gauntlet Styles
  • Available in Beige, Black, Navy, Cocoa, Grey Colors

JOBST® Bellavar®

JOBST® Custom Bellavar® is the firm, custom garment for moderate to severe swelling of lower extremities. Bellavar® is engineered with firm fabric to provide controlled stretch and resistance for therapeutic effect. The circular knit technology creates a seamless garment. The easy measuring system requires up to 30% fewer measurements than a conventional seamed garment.

JOBST® Bellavar® are:

  • Available in Knee-High, Thigh-High, Pantyhose, and Maternity Styles
  • Available in Sand, Sun Bronze, and Black Colors

JOBST® Custom Seamless Soft

Jobst® Custom Seamless Soft is the premium custom-made compression garment for mild to moderate vascular disorders. These garments are manufactured using precision technology and exact patient measurements. Jobst® Custom Seamless Soft combines therapeutic fit with a fashionable look and extreme softness of the fabric. The use of attractive, lightweight fabric to create an anatomically fitting compression garment provides effective management of vascular indications and a stylish look. More assortments and color options provide a better compliance for patients with mild to moderate venous indications.

JOBST® Custom Seamless Soft is made just for you in:

  • Available in Knee-High, Thigh-High, Pantyhose and Chap Styles
  • Available in Sand, Sun Bronze, Latte, Navy, and Black Colors

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