Burn Garments

Compression Management Services is a leader in offering custom pressure garments for patients with severe burns. In the delicate case of a burn, as a result, the collagen in the skin grows at ten times the normal rate. This accelerated rate of growth can lead to raised skin, redness, hypertrophic scarring and burn contracture. Research shows that low grade compression through the use of a compression garment for 12-18 months can aid dramatically in the prevention of such scarring.

Therefore, effective use of compression within weeks of the initial burn may eliminate the likelihood of post-burn surgeries such as contracture release and possibly reduce the need for additional skin grafting.

Pressure garment fabric for burns is softer than that used in vascular garments. They have two way stretch, reaching capillary pressure yet also have low resting pressure making them safe to sleep in, for instance. Our burn garments are custom-made, designed to provide precise pressure, and are measured to fit each individual patient to achieve maximum effectiveness. As a result, they are individually designed, engineered,  and constructed to satisfy the needs of each individual patient. We offer a variety of solid colors and patterns to choose from.


Options for Burn Garments:

  • Zippers
  • Web Spacers
  • Flex Seams
  • Silicone bands
  • Silk linings
  • Silicone sheet inserts
  • Foam padding inserts
  • Solid colors
  • Fashionable color patterns 

Burn garments vs. vascular garments:

Unlike a vascular garment, burn garments are manufactured with a soft fabric that provides uniform (even) pressure. The fabric of a burn garment also aids in the prevention of skin breakdown. A vascular garment provides precise gradient pressure to increase blood flow and decrease swelling.

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