The CMS Approach

Compression Management Services assists each patient on an individual basis, realizing that swelling is a diverse diagnosis and should be handled based on your needs and lifestyle.

Compression Management Services will create Personalized Management Program (PMP) using our unique three-step approach for long-term home maintenance: Compress, Maintain, Secure.


The goal in our first step, Compress, is to stimulate fluid movement and begin to decrease the size of your extremity. Compression Management Services can arrange for you to work with an MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) Therapist to increase fluid movement and begin to help reduce your swelling. CMS can also provide the use of a Bio Compression Systems® sequential compression device that can be used in the home, and at your convenience. Our Patient Care Coordinators will work with you step-by-step so you are confident with the use and care of the equipment.


The second step in the CMS Approach is to MAINTAIN what was achieved during step one, “Compress.” Low stretch bandages are wrapped around the arm/leg helping to decrease its size and continue to move the fluid out of the affected area. Our Patient Care Coordinators will work with a friend or family member to instruct the proper techniques for applying the bandages. In addition, CMS can also provide a custom-fit, night-time appliance or other similar devices to help reduce swelling, even while at rest so that there is constant stimulation and fluid movement.


Once CMS establishes a solid routine of compression and maintenance, and maximum reduction is achieved, we prepare to SECURE, the final phase in the CMS Approach. Securing the extremity means that maximum reduction has been achieved and you are ready to be measured for a Custom Compression Garment. A custom-made garment is measured and properly fitted to the exact contour of your limb for comfort and compression. These custom garments, worn daily, along with continued use of the sequential compression device will help prevent further fluid accumulation and will help provide positive results.

With the right products, good timing, and helpful teaching, you can expect dramatic results improving your immediate condition, quality of life and ability for long-term independent care.

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