Lymphedema Management

Compression Management Services, Inc./The Lymphedema Centers (CMS) serves as a resource to patients, physicians and therapists who seek options for effective management of diagnoses relating to swelling.

Lymphedema pump therapy has proven successful in treating patients suffering a wide array of conditions including hereditary, congenital or post-surgical lymphedema, post-radiation therapy, lymphatic blockages due to cancerous tumors, and venous insufficiency.


CMS offers gradient sequential pneumatic compression pumps and non-sequential pumps, compression bandages and custom or off-the shelf compression sleeves. Our easy three step approach to compression is customizable to each patient’s individual needs.


  1. Training and education on all products provided
    1. Proper setting and use of compression pump and appliances
    2. Donning and care instructions for all compression garments
    3. Education on proper bandaging technique
    4. Education of family members or medical personnel involved in patient care if necessary

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  • Limited warranty on pumps, appliances and compression garments
  • Home visit and delivery for qualifying individuals
  • Adherence to the policies of Medicare, Medicaid, private insurers and other managed care organizations.
  • Insurance billing on behalf of patients, supported by our team of Patient Account Coordinators who determine coverage and obtain all necessary documentation



CMS will assess each patient individually to determine the products best suited to any particular lifestyle based on diagnosis, physician’s orders and health history. Our team is well-trained and able to provide knowledge and support to healthcare professionals, insurance providers and patients.

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