Understanding MLD Therapy

Compression Management Services may refer you to a therapist who will perform Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapy on you before being seen at our facility. MLD Therapy is an advanced therapeutic method that is intended to stimulate the lymphatic system. An MLD therapist will use a light, dermal massage to stimulate the flow of lymph and its return to the circulatory system. The gentle, rhythmic movements of MLD Therapy help to eliminate waste from the body and to return vital proteins to the blood stream. The excess fluid is then filtered out of the body through urination. MLD Therapy is very comfortable and non-aggressive. A typical therapy session will last between 40-60 minutes and involves drainage of the neck, trunk and affected extremity.

Compression Management Services works with MLD therapists throughout all of our office locations. To find an MLD therapist near you, please call 877.CMS.4415 or email us by clicking here.

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